Dwell Secure

About Us

An app born from one firefighter’s drive to get people the knowledge they need to protect their homes and families when local resources aren’t available.

What’s Included

Get the knowledge to secure your own utilities when local resources are overrun. 

Our Story

Many years ago, Washington firefighter Andrew Leith was helping the department’s public information officer teach disaster preparedness classes. He realized that people in the classes had no idea that if the gas was leaking inside your home after an earthquake, or there was a windstorm or snow storm, local resource response times are significantly delayed.

When things aren’t taken care of fast, little things become big things. A water leak seems minor if you know how to turn off your water, but it’s not minor if it leaks for two days — then it causes tens of thousands of dollars of damage and weeks of repairs. 

Passionate about his work as a firefighter, Leith created Dwell Secure to fill the gap when local resources are overrun and calling 911 won’t get someone out to your home in time. The driving force behind the app is to get people the knowledge they need to stay safe and protect their property from dangerous situations and costly damage when local resources are unavailable. 

As a firefighter in the business of responding and helping people with whatever they need, Leith understands there are times when the need is greater than the firefighters’ ability. In those situations, everyone needs to fend for themselves for a few days. Dwell Secure is a way to help homeowners and renters safely fend for themselves and take care of their own situation.

Our Founder

Andrew Leith

Dwell Secure was born as a natural extension of Leith’s firefighting career and desire to help people. Born in Seattle and raised in Chehalis, Washington as the fifth of seven kids, Leith moved back to Seattle to start his career.

He started doing some wildland firefighting and was eventually hired as a firefighter in Shoreline, where he has now worked for over twenty years. He continues to be excited by the original vision for the app: getting people the knowledge they need to stay safe and protect their properties.

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