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Dwell Secure

An Emergency Resource Library for Your Home

Keep your home protected and safe with a personal, digital knowledge base available at your fingertips. When local resources are overrun, you’ll always know how to turn off your gas, power, electrical, and other resources with Dwell Secure.

What’s Included

Get the knowledge to secure your own utilities when local resources are overrun. 

An interactive map of your property

Access an interactive, personalized map of your property marking the location of important home resources like your gas meter, water meter, electrical panel, and more.

Critical visual information

Tap on the location of each resource on your map to reveal the picture you’ve entered of your exact gas meter, water meter, or electrical panel.

Simple tutorials

Click on simple tutorials that give you step-by-step instructions on how to turn off your resources when your pipes burst, your gas is leaking, or your electrical outlets are going haywire.

How Does Dwell Secure Work?

Make a Profile

Download the app for free and make a profile to get started.

Add Resources

Add your first critical resources: gas, power, and electrical, so you’re never caught off-guard again in an emergency situation.

Share Resources

Easily share those resources with other people who might need them -- like your spouse, babysitter, or Airbnb guest.

Secure Your Home with Dwell Secure

Dwell Secure is an emergency resource library at the tip of your fingers, telling you exactly where to locate resources in your home like gas, water, electrical switches, and power. When emergencies like burst pipes, gas leaking, or electrical outlets going haywire happen, you’re able to quickly turn off your water, gas, or power before your home floods or catches fire — avoiding dangerous situations, costly repairs, and unnecessary 911 calls.

Through the app, access to visual information – videos, images, and even an interactive map – that can be shared with partners, other family members, your house sitter or babysitter, or your Airbnb guests to keep your home (and the people in it) protected.

Responsive Design

Simple, user-friendly design with three different tiers for different user needs — so you always have the information you need in an emergency. 

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What Others Are Saying About Dwell Secure

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“As a real-estate agent I will give this as a gift to all clients who buy a home through me.  This is a great tool for a new home.”

– Michel Strac


“Running and owning a commercial building I have to keep up with regular maintenance and my staff needs to know vital locations for regular service.  This app will get everyone on the same page.”

– Michel Strac

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